The best tool to undertake the task at hand is the simpliest one that handles it
Below, you find 100 images, which have been choosen to represent a possible holydays' period; here, those images are used as example of some of the possible conversions that you can undertake by use of this program.
There are the following two possible ways of navigating the examples' pages: 1) by browsing the conversion examples' pages (those links are not yet available on this page), where you can see how each conversion recipe changes the given 100 images; or 2) by browsing the images' example pages (click the images below), where you can see how the given image is changed when the 100 conversion recipes (used as example of what the program can do) are applied to it.

Whether you choose to browse by conversion type or by image number, the examples change depending on the chosen video frame proportion (4:3 or 16:9) and orientation (landscape or portrait). Notice that the current monitors (and video sites, like youtube.com) use the format 16:9 and the legacy/old ones use the format 4:3. Thus, the video frame format choosen by default is the one named landscape 16:9.